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Hyundai Venue 2019-2022

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Discontinued Model since 16 Jun 2022

Hyundai Venue 2019-2022 Overview

The facelifted Venue has been revealed ahead of its launch on June 16. While the facelift packs mild cosmetic and feature updates, the mechanical components remain unchanged, save for the manual unit with the turbo-petrol mill which has now been scrapped.

Hyundai might also launch the Venue N-Line alongside the standard car as it was spotted testing recently.

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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Venue 2019-2022

Q. Which car should I buy, Tiago or Venue?
  • Both the cars are good in their forte. The Venue is a perfect balance of size, features, and machinery in its segment. It might not wow you in any particular manner, but it feels just right. On the other hand, The Tiago is a well-specked city car that offers a balanced set of features, comfort, and performance with a class-leading safety rating. For a better understanding of compatibility and driving comfort, we would suggest you `to take a test drive. Follow the link and select your desired city for dealership.
Q. What is the body type of this car?
  • Hyundai Venue is an SUV segment car.
Q. Is polar white colour available in the base model of Venue?
  • The Hyundai Venue base variant is available in two colours, Polar White and Denim Blue.
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Q. I am bit confused in between Tata Nexon and Hyundai Venue. Which one is good within 11 lakh budget? Also, I am looking for the automatic version, good features and powerful engine.
  • I recently test drove both Nexon and venue diesel What I liked in venue was the premium interior fit and finish, very comfortable front seats, slightly bigger sunroof, butter smooth refined diesel engine with a very decent mileage. Without its safety rating, could not comment on the platform of the car..With every youtuber and vloggers talking about gncap 5 star safety, I wished to buy Nexon. On an average if I want to get the features what I get in venue sx diesel in Nexon I have to pay an additional premium of 1.8 lakhs.Teek hai, y don we do that for a safe car and decided to test drive the car. The car looked rock solid in the showroom. When I took the car on road, I started felling n number of complaints. My head was touching the roof though am not tall, the clutch was deeper and deeper and If my leg needed a short travel, I needed to push the seat more forward which is not a safe option.Started the engine and the entire car vibrated on starting the engine. Pushed the engine. Biggg turbo lag on 2nd gear. God knows where the 260 NM torque is???? Not punchy at all. Very noisy cabin. When I started saying the sales assistant increased the fan speed and the music volume. Harmans music system was not even upto the level of arkamys music system of venue. So now tell me, should I give the extra premium of 1.8 lakhs and compromise with the poor refinement of the diesel engine and noisy cabin for the lifetime?? I'm not a feature minded guy. While platform is the basement of the car, engine is the heart of the car. I would not prefer Nexon for people who are keen drivers, who love to be in a silent insulated refined cabin with a butter smooth refined diesel engine with a good torque and mileage. Of course safety should not be compromised. But the real fact is No single car is perfect..
  • As regarding features I would say the Tata Nexon is superior because both have more or less similar features- the important ones. However Nexon has the most important features of space, ground clearance and bigger tyres even in lower variants which enhances the SUV look. As regards the engine the turbo engine in both have their pluses. As regards the automatic the Hyundai has a slight edge. Overall I feel the Nexon has an edge
  • If you only need car then go for nexon ,but the venue is even supirior then nexon that's for sure interior cabin premium ,even service and responce from Hyundai team is also better than tata, one more thing nexon scored 5 star safety but venue score 4 but both are safer and venue's performance is simply amazing than nexoncongratulations for your new car
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Q. I am bit confused for whether to go for Tata Nexon XZA+ top AMT variant in Petrol or to go for top DCT variant of Hyundai Venue in Petrol. What will be the service cost for both of these cars?
  • DCT has heating problem under extreme traffic conditions.. amt is not smooth...when it comes to comfort nexon is better but when we look at reliability, quality of service , venue may be bit better
  • I am also in the same question but not getting the point to point answer. what is the service maintenance for DCT & AMT ?
  • TATA nexon Top end model will be better for you bit in petrol version performance and reliability and Safety of Nexon is better than Venue
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Q. Is it true that DCT cars will have complaint in future than the manual and DCT is not reliable - Venue?
  • Mayank i have bought A Kia Seltos gtx plus dct which is the top variant despite reading the issues elsewhere . After costing 20lakhs of my hard earned money,it's just a horrible experience. As my car is mainly driven by driver and sometimes by me,we specifically asked the sales person about rules of driving. But they didn't have the simplest idea about that.from the first day of delivery it showed jerking, vibration,sudden stopping..When climbing steep climb like from my basement garage it's tends to roll back. On the way of 1st servicing it got repeated warnings of getting high transmission temperature and stopped multiple times. Now it's in kia service centre for 14days and they said they have to change the ECU. now I am reading all over in the Internet that I should use the break fully,should have to go to neutral in all traffic jam ,should have never use brake and accelerator simultaneously,should never lower the speed of the car less than 10km in bumper to bumper traffic and even after following all the rules your gears can have problems. If you ever think of buying an automatic please don't go for dry DCT like kia,u can go for conventional torque converter automatic or even CVT. I AM UTTERLY FRUSTATED with my experience
  • I am a happy customer of Hyundai Creta 1.4 Petrol DCT. Been using the car for 4 months and around 5K KMs down (including a 1200 Kms interstate trip), it hasn't given me any kind of trouble yet, not even once I had the heating problem. I think it's all about how you drive this machine around, I started my driving with automatic cars, and maybe the migration to DCT has been smooth and I am already driving the car the way it is supposed to be driven around. I have driven the car in all sorts of modes including the power-packed SPORTS mode and it just behaves normally without issues. And I am from Bangalore and the bumper to bumper is always the case here, it runs pretty smooth. I am not sure how it will respond to a person switching from years of manual use to a DCT but overall if you drive the car per what DCT demands you are rewarded with hassle-free driving. For e.g. if you stop the car for a longer duration on drive mode with breaks technically what happens is your motor is still running and you are putting a lot of resistance on the rotation by applying breaks, if this is done for a longer period of course it's gonna heat up!!! Not an engineer, but I think that's the case.
  • I have researched for Kia Seltos as I have pre-booked it's DCT top variant. It is a dry clutch system and there has been a case of the DCT seltos buyer which has shown screenshot of transmission overheat in bumper to bumper traffic. Well to be frank DCT's are like advanced automatics and much more efficient but everything has it's own pros and cons and here DCT's con is heating issue only. It is how you drive a DCT. Talking about Hyundai Venue DCT it is clearly mentioned in it's owner manual so as to what precautions to take while driving DCT variant either on hills or in bumper to bumper traffic. But I read Kia Seltos owner manual which doesn't even tell what DCT type is there. For buyers like me out there, I will be test driving diesel AT top end GT line variant too as prices for both Petrol and Diesel are same for top end.
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Venue 2019-2022 Questions and Answers

Hyundai Venue 2019-2022 User Reviews

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  • Petrol city mileage

    Petrol city mileage is between 6-8kmpl you can not expect more so one should be ready to bear the burden of the expense in your pocket. Though the running and features are smooth some infotainment features are missing. You cannot play online videos on the net as well a smartphone. Secondly no wifi connectivity or hotspot. The third GPS is accessible on the car screen only if connected to a USB. A stored Pendrive video could be played when turning off your engine, the Car in neutral, and pulling the hand brake. Ac is perfectly all right and gave a quick soothing and cooling effect. The sunroof could be accessible only if a person is sitting in the back seat and standing straight. Pickup, Engine power, Running, Stability, Dring pleasure, and Soft steering which could be controlled even by a finger. The braking system is ok.Fuel capacity is great full tank contains 50 + liters of fuel in its storage. Good sound system with clear sound. Good ventilation seat comfort is just ok, Not out of world comfort you can expect. Heavy body.6 + 1 gear system. Warning sound(seat belt, Handbreak, Door open) is also available.2 airbag. I would not say out of this world but can say many improvement scopes available for the company to take care of in order to enhance sell graph.

  • 2.0
    Purchased this car in July

    Purchased this car in July 2019 i.e. the DCT automatic 1.0 turbo petrol S model Review after 6 month use A. Hyundai india and modi hyundai never informed the consumers that DCT will overheat in bumper to bumper taffic during the pre sales and sales cycle B. Overheating is mentioned in the car owner manual which during sales cycle no one shows to the potential customer C. If you reverse and drive the car a couple of times during parking the temp will go up D. The car overheats in bumper to bumper traffic and you will have to stop the carE. If you have to drive, then you will keep switching between neutral and drive mode whenever you stop this defeating the purpose of buying an automatic F. Lost complete faith and kick my self in buying a hyundai car DO NOT BUY THE HYUNDAI VENUE DCT VERSION IF YOU HAVE TRAFFIC IN YOUR AREA

  • I own 1.0 litre turbo

    I own 1.0 litre turbo petrol top variant with a sun roof.It’s a 2019 model.Have driven around 50000 km.Venue stands true to it’s name.Yes it goes places with assuring comfort and elegance.The dct engine proves substantially responsive while the build quality together with electronics add apt safety features.Bought for 12.90 lakhs inr, It has proven a good investment considering the fine driving experience equally in urban, Hilly and remote locations.The rivals like kia sonnet or tata nexon or maruti brezza fall short of many sensible yet economic aspects when simply compared with the venue.For a team of 4-5 riders, This venue is a surprising compact luxury.

  • 5.0
    Agra expressway

    Value for money with excellent performance. Highway mileage is very negotiable, you can extract 18-20 kmpl on highways at speed of 80-100 kmph in 6th gear.Even while throttling it hard at 140 kmph you get mileage of about 14-15 kmpl.City mileage depends on traffic conditions and getting 13-15 kmpl is not a big deal.Drivability is another plus factor with this car, it gives you a good driving experience. (I have driven it for about 5400 km in just 2 months which includes 2 trips from Aligarh to Sonbhadra in UP)P.S - highway mileage calculated thrice on 320 km long Lko-Agra expressway, also regularly cross checked on NH 34 from Aligarh to Khurja.

  • 5.0
    Good safety

    Venue is one of my hard searched and engineered car after long list. Driven 7k kms, v good mileage, no maintenance car, good safety and family car. Natural engine at its best. Did top speed 140kms. However, 110kms is v comfortable. The heavy metal body and steering feels safe. Majorly, Brake Assist is doing excellent job to make the car stand still for panic braking in the traffic. I did tried and it is working excellent on safety aspect. Remember to wear seat belts must for driver and front passenger. Kudos! Check my reviews in Car Wale. Thanks :-)


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