Bajaj Acquires Naming Rights To Vincent Motorcycles

Is this the beginning of Bajaj’s ambition to take on Royal Enfield

Bajaj To Soon Take On Royal Enfield With Vincent Retro Bikes?
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Bajaj has acquired the rights for the name Vincent. This British retro bikemaker also owns brands like Horner Race Development (HRD) and Egli-Vincent, and it is likely that as part of the acquisition, Bajaj now also owns the rights to these brands.

Why Are Vincent Motorcycles Famous?

Bajaj To Soon Take On Royal Enfield With Vincent Retro Bikes?

Vincent Motorcycles was previously owned by Dave Holder & Family and was founded by Philip Vincent in 1928. They made headlines in 1948 with the Vincent Black Shadow, which was the fastest bike in the world at that time. This bike had set the land speed record at 241.9kmph.

Then in 2018, a Vincent Black Lightning bike set the record for the highest price paid for a two-wheeler, as it fetched Rs 6 crore. This rare motorcycle has only 31 units produced, while this particular unit was used to set Australia’s land speed record of 228kmph.

Why Has Bajaj Bought Vincent Motorcycles?

Bajaj To Soon Take On Royal Enfield With Vincent Retro Bikes?

Given the rising popularity of retro and vintage motorcycles around the world, it is likely that Bajaj is looking to revive a classic brand like Vincent to take on the likes of Royal Enfield in India. It is no secret that Royal Enfield bikes enjoy a largely unchallenged monopoly in the 350cc to 650cc retro bikes segment, and Bajaj would most likely want to tap into this market as well.

Bajaj has already teamed up with Triumph; however, motorcycles emerging out of this partnership will be sold by the latter. With Vincent, though, Bajaj will be able to make a full fledged entry into the retro motorcycle segment.

Over the past few years, we have seen brands like BSA, Jawa and Yezdi being revived by Classic Legends under Mahindra’s umbrella. TVS Motor also acquired British brand Norton Motorcycles a couple of years ago. With Bajaj seemingly joining this foray, there’s exciting times ahead for vintage bike aficionados in India.

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